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Houston, Texas – The City That Never Sleeps

Soon as the sun sets on Houston, Texas, you are up for one stellar nightlife experience that has its extremely unique feel, one you would not expect anywhere else in the country.

From the city center outward into the suburbs, Houston is home to an outstanding, unending list of sparky bars that feature some top-notch bartenders who know just how to maintain their customers’ gusto all night long with their crackerjack cocktails, as well as a plethora of nifty restaurants where you can treat yourself to a good meal with your buddies. Here are some of the places the crew at carpet cleaning Houston like to check out after a hard day’s work.

Best Spots In Houston Texas

Basically, there are spots that you should definitely hit if you live in Houston or the next time you are in town. Here are some of the hottest nightlife spots in the city:


1- Wild West:

Seeing as how we are talking about Texas, it seems about right to get a taste of the true Texan night scene. Wild West in West Houston is one of the places you can go to where you won’t find the typical nightclub crowd. That is where the cowboys go to shake a leg, so you will be surrounded with some classic boots and cowboy hats. You can also treat yourself to a mean fajita there, along with some cold beer with the taste of the Wild West.


2- Club Tropicana:

If you are into showing off your Salsa dance moves, or simply get some drinks while watching the dance floor jam-packed with people shaking it off to some Latin music played live by DJs, you should definitely pay this joint in West Houston a visit. Some real pros get on that dance floor, and you should also know that they throw Friday night Salsa lessons if it is not really your thing but would like to learn some new moves. The bar serves a wide range of drinks, and you will also find a collection of fine cigars there to suit the mood.

houston Texas Night Life

3- Lei Low:

Right in the city, Lei Low should be your destination if what you are looking for is a killer cocktail bar and a good time. As a matter of fact, it is one of the city’s bartenders’ favorite bars. And if rum is your spirit of choice, then this place is just where you should spend a drinking night out.


4- Bayou & Bottle

This new restaurant at the Four Seasons Houston has made a real buzz in the city since it opened up. Besides its high-quality authentic Southern dish collection, Bayou & Bottle is now a regular destination for the city’s Whiskey lovers, which together are a mix that cannot be topped by much.


5- Rosewater:

Another bartenders’ recommendation is this bar a little bit outside of the city, Clear Lake (within the city’s Bay Area). If you are not in the city, but want some neat cocktails on a decent bar, or would like to actually get your drinks away from the ear-splitting bars in the city, you cannot go wrong with Rosewater. And the Copper & Kings Cask Strength Brandy there is not something to miss on your cocktails.

Bonus Tip When Out In Houston

One last tip if you are into some late-night wild thrills after you spend your time out. Every night in Houston, near the Waugh Drive Bridge, 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats fly off the bridge where they live to get their supper. People usually go to view this, and it is actually quite fascinating. Just make sure to stand a few feet away from the bridge, and try not to make a loud noise or set any flashlights at them. You know how dark and quiet bats like their supper!

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